clients say

“It looks great and to insert content is really childishly simple.”

Ines Thomé

Make a good first impression

The design of a website is like the cover of a magazine. Often enough, a single glance at the cover is enough for the decision to pick up the magazine. Many underestimate this effect when it comes to web sites, and simply focus on providing information. Unfortunately this information is often not perceived. One click later, and your visitors are gone just as quickly as they came.

Two key points ensure that a visitor will not leave your site right away. He must for one immediately feel comfortable, positively impressed and welcome. On the other hand, the navigation of the site should be clear and intuitive.

Google for your instrument, branch, sector or your profession, and click through the various web sites. This will help you get a first impression of what you personally like and what you don’t. Then think about what impression you want to make. Throw some adjectives to some nouns, such as simple elegance or playful colors. From that, our design team will develop a design tuned to you personally. You will be impressed.