clients say

“It looks great and to insert content is really childishly simple.”

Ines Thomé

Online Store

All of the products made by design artist atasha are handwork. She wanted this high quality exclusivity to be transferred into the design of the online store.


The website of the artist Nabil Shehata is a result of his wishes for a clear presentation of information. He wanted the design to be elegant, plain and puristic. but low key and not exaggerated at the same time. CSS/HTML coding was created in addition to a custom-built CMS.


We were instructed to develop a website to a premade logo. For the styling of the design a particular color sceme was desired. In addition, the doctor's office can autonomously provide the latest news.


The dentist Dr. Lorenz wanted an individual Website to showcase his dental office. Simple and informative at the same time, the atmosphere of the dental office should be reflected.


The guitar player Ines Thomé tasked us to implement her provided website design. The design was programmed in CSS/HTML, PHP and JQuery. A CMS was requested to be able to insert content by herself for three subpages.