clients say

“It looks great and to insert content is really childishly simple.”

Ines Thomé

Content Management System

Many people know this from personal experience: You simply want to have a website, but then you’re bombarded with jargon: PHP servers, SQL databases, hosts, and finally that strange thing called content management system or CMS for short.

As businessman or freelancer, you are usually so busy that even if you’re really interested in this topic you don’t have the time to deal with this computer jargon. That’s where the CMS enters the stage.

No prior knowledge is required to keep your page up to date. Our CMS is programmed specifically for your site. It takes care of all content presentation on your home page. You will not notice a thing of the extensive work going on in the background. Just like an online order form, you insert the content in the respective fields, such as concert dates, click Save, and everything automatically appears where it should be.

Operation of the CMS is adjusted to your every wish. For example, if you would like to have a button to sort all concert dates by date, you will get a button that does just this. You want to have a means to show or hide your welcome text, we’ll add an on / off button for you.

We are always at your side should any issues or questions arise.